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BCardly – Digital Business Cards

The next generation smart business cards, more than just a business card.


Unlike traditional business cards:

  • You will never run out of your BCardly Business cards.
  • You can advertise your products, services, and events on while sharing your contact details.
  • The BCardly Business Card makes reprinting unnecessary  as your contacts details can be changed at a click of a button.
  • You can share your BCardly Business Cards electronically, physically or verbally in case you do not have your mobile device handy or if it has a flat battery.

No matter what happens you will always be able to share you contact details.


  • Matching your company branding.
  • Easy to update contact details.
  • Marketing/Promotional module – great marketing option showing new contacts your featured products and services. It can link to websites, online stores, forms, documents and more.
  • Easy Contact Sharing
    • Contactless QR Codes on Mobile
  • Open your BCardly Shareable QR Code image.
  • The recipient using the default/built in Camera app (Apple iOS and Android) simply points the camera onto the Shareable QR Code wait until the link notification pops up.
  • Tap the link and the BCardly window will open.
    • SMS Text Messages. – add the short URL address to you SMS messages (i.e.
    • Emails – add QR Code and the short URL address to your email signatures as in the example below.
Hero 1024x786 Bcardly Ds Redman Terry
Hero 1024x786 Bcardly Spinifex Example 01
Hero 1280x800 Bcardly Digital Business Cards