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Strategic Planning

A strategic plan will be developed to succinctly understand the  outcomes which need to be achieved within a specific period keeping both the board and management on track to reach their targeted goals through strategies and tactics.  Included in the strategic plan will include the four key actions from the outcome of the 2019 symposium:

  • Implementing protocols to set national standards on how to work with First Nations people in the industry:
  • Provenance and authenticity: to protect the client, respect protocols and recognise custodianship.
  • Changes to the law: to respect and protect client’s knowledge in specific products should be protected by the laws of this land and business practice. This includes intellectual property, penalties for misappropriation and implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing.
  • Education and Awareness: promote respect for our First Nations Knowledge values and protocols.

The strategic plan will include Vision, Purpose, Key Result areas Key performance indicators strategies and tactics. a breakdown of projects required including partners stakeholders and potential revenue.

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