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365 Smart Email Signatures

Fully automated, template driven email signature system designed to reflect your company branding with full Office 365 integration.

User email signatures are generated based on the information in the Office 365 account. They are automatically added to emails sent from any device with full image and styling support on mobile signatures.
Using the Office 365 Smart Email Signatures platform allows company wide changes to the email signatures with just a few clicks.

Marketing blocks can also be scheduled to be added between specific dates without having to make changes manually.

Example of using four signature blocks:

  • User Contact Details Block (Unique to each user)
    This is unique to each email account. The data is automatically synchronised with Office 365’s Active Directory. All contact detail changes in Office 365 are automatically applied to the signature.
  • Company Contact Details Block (Common to all users)
    This data is common across every company email.
  • Message Block (Common to all users)
    Announcements and marketing. This block can be added as part of a marketing/promotional campaign, or as in this example an event-based message.
  • Acknowledgements & Disclaimers Block (Common to all users)
    This data is automatically synchronised with Office 365’s Active Directory which stores the user’s contact details.
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