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Legal and Intellectual Property

The creation, proper protection and management of Intellectual Property is of great importance for any organisation. BCA’s Legal Team has the expertise that will handle every step of this complex process and will assisting businesses, government, not-for-profit organisations with all of their legal requirements.

With responsive legal specialists across all facets of IP and commercial law we work collaboratively where our teams share knowledge and expertise to ensure the best legal outcome for our clients and their projects.

Focus is on solutions that create value for our clients, always going the extra mile to ensure the best legal and commercial outcome.

Communication and Trust with clear lines of communication and managing clients’ expectations we develop trust and build long lasting relationships.

Continuous Improvement by embracing change with goal-oriented effort and achievement drives us to coach each individual to enhance their ability to contribute, develop trust and deliver the best legal outcome for clients.

Teamwork is established and maintained by collaborative, supportive teams with both our colleagues and our clients. Personal responsibility and accountability is also encouraged.

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